4 Benefits Of Buying Handmade Jewelry

4 Benefits Of Buying Handmade Jewelry


Jewelry is a staple of any good outfit. Whether it's a dainty necklace with copper accents or a statement pair of earrings, jewelry has the power to transform any outfit. Opportunities to buy new jewelry are everywhere; from the local supermarket to that old high school friend now making copper accented jewelry online, we can buy a new piece of jewelry whenever and wherever our heart desires. Unfortunately, not all jewelry is equal, and the jewelry you're investing in might be poor-quality and negatively impact our environment.


Handmade jewelry has innumerable benefits and is always the most beneficial investment for our wardrobes and our environment. In this blog post, we're sharing what makes handmade jewelry so special, so you can buy the perfect piece of copper accented jewelry without having to worry.

Your Jewelry Is One Of A Kind

One of the many powers of jewelry is its ability to reflect personality. Fashion reflects our personality, and jewelry is no exception. The jewelry you choose to wear says a lot about you as a person. If you're wearing the same earrings as everyone else, you're stopping your one of a kind personality from shining. By buying handmade jewelry, you're investing in a one of a kind accessory. Due to each piece of jewelry being hand made and created individually, no two pieces are ever the same. Rather than letting your personality fade into the background, showcase your individuality by wearing a piece of jewelry no one else can have!

Handmade Jewelry Is A More Sustainable Option

We're all too familiar with the horror stories of big corporations' abusing our environment and disregarding ethical manufacturing methods for profit. These big businesses continue to mass-produce products, releasing harmful CO2 into our atmosphere, overusing our essential raw materials, and treating staff appallingly. When you buy from big businesses, you're encouraging their behavior. Not only does purchasing from these brands suggest their production methods are okay, but you're also investing in a poor quality product. With the focus on quantity, not quality, much of the jewelry these big businesses are churning out are of low quality. These low-quality pieces don't have longevity; after a few wears, your favorite copper accented jewelry will tarnish. Not only will you be unable to wear your favorite necklace or ring, but this jewelry will end up in landfill, polluting our environment and releasing even more harmful chemicals into our atmosphere.


When you buy handmade jewelry, you're investing in an item with longevity. Made from good quality, long-lasting materials, your new piece of handmade natural copper jewelry is guaranteed to last a long time. Instead of wasting your money on throwaway jewelry, avoid waste, reduce your carbon footprint, and buy handmade jewelry you can cherish for a lifetime.


Investing In An Ethical Ethos

Not only is handmade jewelry more eco-friendly, but most handmade jewelry brands also have a do-good ethos. The vast majority of handmade jewelry companies are born out of a genuine passion for jewelry creation. Because these companies deeply love their craft, they want to ensure they can do the best possible job to make their jewelry-loving customers happy. With profit not being their sole priority, many of these brands obtain an ethical ethos. Having an ethical ethos means their guiding beliefs and ideals are focused on being kind to the planet and its people. When you buy from a handmade jewelry brand, you're supporting this ethos. Instead of buying from big faceless and nameless corporations, you can show your support for those trying to make the world a better place through their creativity.

You’re Encouraging Creativity And Craftsmanship

Art is individualistic. How we create and perceive art is subjective to us and who we are. When you buy handmade jewelry, you're encouraging creativity. Not only are you facilitating and investing in some else's creativity and craftsmanship, but the handmade jewelry you choose to wear will reflect the artist in you. Handmade jewelry is art; it's profound; it tells stories and harnesses emotions.


One machine makes a thousand pieces of jewelry, all shipped to your local retail store. These carbon-copied pieces of metal don't attain the same humanity as a piece of handmade natural copper jewelry from an independent seller and maker. Keep encouraging creativity and the wonders of unique craftsmanship by buying handmade jewelry. Remember, what you're buying is more than just jewelry; it's art.


The benefits of buying handmade jewelry are endless. Compared to jewelry from fast fashion stores, handmade jewelry always wins on aesthetic and environmental value. This blog post has shared the benefits of buying handmade jewelry, so you can invest in your ideal piece of handmade natural copper jewelry and know you’re making a worthwhile investment.

4 Benefits Of Buying Handmade Jewelry

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