Absolute ways of vintage jewelry styling with horn toggles and clasps

Absolute ways of vintage jewelry styling with horn toggles and clasps

Vintage jewelry styling is one of the most elegant looks. Reminiscing the style and feel of a past era while bringing along its glory and beauty. The enduring elegance of vintage jewelry embarks the essence of the unmatched beauty and grace. The use of horn toggles and clasps for vintage jewelry intensifies its presence while providing balance between the bold and natural. One can never go wrong with vintage jewelry styling. The beauty and elegance of these exquisite, handcrafted, natural pieces are sure to compliment the look you desire.

Vintage jewelry styling with Threaded Jewel

Threaded Jewel puts deep thought into our jewelry.  Our pieces are unique, with a perfect touch of antique and honor. Complementing the natural beauty and uniqueness of our customers is what we aim for. For vintage jewelry styling, Threaded Jewel is the perfect place to search for your next unique piece.

Different styles of horn toggle vintage jewelry

Threaded Jewel is proud to offer a variety of designs, handmade, using natural horn, giving you the perfect vintage vibe. The pieces are beautifully handcrafted with ethically sourced natural horn.  All natural horn and bone used to create our wearable works of art are ethically sourced from naturally deceased domesticated Indian buffalo.  Here are some of our favorite horn and bone pieces:

Lustrous, layered white seed bead necklace with natural horn toggle

This masterpiece of white beads is a showstopper to be paired with anything in your closet. The natural horn toggle gives it the perfect vintage, natural feel.  The piece can be styled for a night out or dressed to match something formal. It is the perfect option for any season. Get your hands on this piece by clicking here.

Handmade wooden beads necklace with natural horn toggle

This handmade piece, made of wooden beads and natural horn is the ultimate beauty when styling a vintage look. The natural horn toggle present in the necklace gives this piece a strong and bold look. You can get your hands on this elegant necklace by clicking here.

Rustic layered mahogany bone beads with horn toggles

This multi-layered beaded necklace is the epitome of ancient beauty. The crafting of each bead with genuine buffalo bone shows the true artistry of humanity.  Made of beautiful, layered, ethically sourced, natural bone beads with horn clasps, this necklace is a great choice when looking to upgrade your look with an evergreen vintage vibe. Shop this beautiful piece by visiting us at Threaded Jewel.

Rustic layered buffalo bone beads with horn toggles

Crafted with genuine buffalo bones, this master beaded piece resembles the beauty of pearls. These pearl looking beads are handmade, and the clasp is made with original horn. The explicit choice to style with casual or formal wears, each bead showcases a unique beauty and creates a vintage vibe. This elegant piece is available to shop online at  Threaded Jewel.

Natural black horn pendant with metal chain

The natural horn pendant with metal chain necklace is everything you are looking when creating your vintage look. This is a perfect example of redefined beauty with an antique touch. The pendant gives an ancient, bold beauty when draped around your neck, generating an instant vintage-style vibe. Shop your piece from  Threaded Jewel.

Canary yellow bead necklace with natural horn clasp

One can never go wrong with a little yellow styling jewelry on formal or casual wears. This beautiful necklace is suitable for every form of occasion. It is easily worn and presents effortless beauty. Stunning layers of yellow beads are accompanied with a horn clasp made with genuine, ethically sourced buffalo horn provides this piece with a captivating vintage look. Take a look at  Threaded Jewel.

Elegant handmade horn earrings




This handmade natural horn earrings are true beauties.  Originally handcrafted with genuine, naturally deceased buffalo horn, each pair is different from the other, portraying the true shades and color of the horn.  Perfect for vintage styling for any formal or casual wears. Grab a pair at Threaded Jewel.

Final thoughts

We at Threaded Jewel are on a mission to craft beautiful, wearable works of art, ethically. No animals are harmed in obtaining the raw materials for ANY of our pieces. We do not support or condone the slaughtering of animals in the name of fashion.  ALL of our materials are procured from naturally deceased, domesticated Indian buffalo.  We try to play our role in making this world a beautiful place by crafting our pieces with love and care.


Absolute ways of vintage jewelry styling with horn toggles and clasps

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