Contemporary bracelet with glass, silver, and copper elements

If you are looking for a contemporary bracelet that goes well with most types of formal outfits and pretty much any color, then this stretchable bracelet is what you need. The bracelet with glass beads in a matte black finish and copper discs plated in silver is a perfect option to consider.

The glass beads that usually have a reflective look have been painted in matte black paint, giving them a distinct look. At the same time, they retain all the properties associated with glass and ensure that the bracelet neither feels too light nor too heavy. The bracelet weighs just 1.8 ounces making it comfortable to wear all day.

The irregularly shaped copper discs with silver plating go well with the black glass beads and complement each other in shape and color.

The bracelet comes in stretchable circumferences of five, six, and seven inches to ensure that you get to choose the size that best suits you.

Pair this bracelet with a formal outfit for a contemporary look that is sure to grab the attention of people around you.

You could also choose to make a fashion statement by pairing this bracelet with bright-colored casual outfits. That look is sure to be a head-turner.

The more you look at this bracelet, the more you feel that it is more a piece of art than jewelry. The minimal use of colors and the complementary shapes and textures make this bracelet look like a piece of modern art deeply influenced by tradition.

Whether you are planning to wear this to work, a formal occasion, a party, or just during a casual visit to friends and family, the bracelet is sure to go well with your outfit and get you in the spotlight effortlessly. It is a piece of jewelry that can start conversations, help you meet new people, and make new friends.

This bracelet will make you feel confident, strong, and beautiful!

Contemporary bracelet with glass, silver, and copper elements

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