Our Process

Sorting out clothes along with matching chic jewelry is nothing new. The world we live in has the norm of adorning stylish clothes along with jewelry, which makes our entire look shine? Necklaces? Bracelets? Earrings?  It is what we think when we take out an outfit for the next day, but how often do we wonder about what the jewelry is made of?

The fashion industry focuses on these “trendy” pieces while wasting resources, without thinking about the footprint left behind. These pieces often are mass produced with little regard to those making it or how raw materials were procured, resulting in products that LOOK IDENTICAL and LACK CHARACTER.

Here’s how Threaded Jewel is different:

We found an opportunity within India to obtain the raw materials necessary to make our goods and to do some good!  First, the raw materials needed to make items such as the Rustic Layered Buffalo Bone Bead Necklace with Horn Toggle are procured from government depots.  How did they get there?  In India, there are nearly 350 million working buffalo and cows whose remains are collected by locals and deposited into government regulated depots. 

How do we retrieve these raw materials?  We fund our teams throughout the state of Uttar Pradesh, India who, in turn, purchase and process the raw materials needed for some of our pieces.  They, then sell the materials back to us at a fair market price!  We have been able to employ hundreds of people, on a per project basis, using this method!

Our manufacturing arm is in New Delhi, India where a team of well-paid designers and artisans reside.  It can sometimes take up to 4 months for the process to begin and end!

We Do not Mass Produce

In a perfect world, we would wake up to what we want, when we want it!  Unfortunately, that is not the case in our process.  ALL of our jewelry is handmade and unique.  We do not have an automated assembly line full of machines spitting out the same product over and over.  Each handmade piece is carefully crafted.  It sometimes takes MONTHS for us to find the raw materials needed or to get the design right.  There are cheaper and faster ways of production but we aren’t fans of the generic looking pieces you see in many places. 

Threaded Jewel

The final product is shipped to one of our two locations in Illinois, where we house our inventory.  We carefully pack each item, checking once more for quality, and ship from Chicago.

We are proud to use ethically sourced raw materials and say no animal cruelty. We DO NOT condone slaughtering animals in the name of beauty and believe there are many ways to enjoy the natural world while doing some good as well!

Our Process

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