What Is Bead Weaving?

You might not think it, but beads are an extremely versatile material. Beaded jewelry isn’t simply beads placed onto a piece of thread. Weaving beads into unique patterns is a common mode of manufacturing in the jewelry industry. Bead weaving creates ornate rings, colorful necklaces, and even eye-catching earrings.


The hundreds of stitches and methods used in weaving beads mean bead weaving produces some of the most distinctive and attractive jewelry. Bead weaving uses a loom or can be done by hand, using needles. In this post, we're sharing with you the basics of bead weaving so you can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into creating beaded jewelry and maybe even discover your next hobby!

Why Is Bead Weaving So Popular?

Beadwork dates back centuries. Early examples of beadwork used fibre threads from plants. During this time, tribes would use beads to dress and identify themselves. Beads were symbolic of religion, ceremony and wealth.


Beadwork remains popular in the modern-day, and many jewelry makers choose to use bead weaving because of its ancestry. A piece of jewelry made using bead weaving techniques isn't just beautiful and distinctive; it also pays homage to the jewelry makes and wearers that came before us. I like to think of beadwork as a mosaic of tiny beads. A mosaic contains tiny individual, delicate pieces. The mosaic of bead weaving honors the history of art, craftsmanship and anthropology. Rather than wearing a piece of cheaply made metal jewelry from a fast-fashion store, bead weaving happens with care and adoration. It shows respect for the materials and the ancient craftsmanship.


In addition to its historical value, bead weaving creates beautiful intricate designs. The aesthetic value of bead weaving is far superior to any other method of jewelry manufacturing. No other methods of jewelry creation can combine the detail, color, and elaborate designs bead weaving achieves.

On Loom Bead Weaving

During the 20th century, a piece of equipment named a Heddle loom became extremely popular. The Heddle loom was a bead weaving loom. Rather than having to weave beads by hand, the bead weaver provided a quicker and more efficient alternative.


Today, numerous styles of looms are available for bead weaving. All looms work by combining weft threads and wrap threats. The weft threads in the loom go side to side, whilst the warp threads are up and down treads. The weft threads are the threads that hold your beads and weave them between the warp threads, which are held in place by tension. The size of your piece depends on the length and the number of warp threads on your loom.

Off Loom Bead Weaving

If you're considering taking up bead weaving from home, you're going to want to start with off-loom beading. Off loom beading is done by hand and uses needles to weave the beads onto thread. Beadwork techniques can be complicated to learn, and you might feel overwhelmed when you're first starting. If you're going to begin bead weaving from home, we recommend making yourself familiar with the most popular bead weaving stitches.


  1. Flat Even-Count Peyote, otherwise known as the Gourd stitch, is the oldest bead weaving stitch. This popular stitch is perfect for pattern creation.
  2. Right Angle Weave. The RAW stitch creates three-dimensional as well as flat shapes, making it ideal for ornate jewelry pieces.
  3. Brick Stitch/ Cheyenne Stitch. The brick stitch uses stacked beads woven together to create stacked patterns, similar to the appearance of a brick wall.


Once you’ve mastered these three stitches, you’ll be able to put your bead weaving abilities into practice and create some bead jewelry of your own. Alternatively, if you’re more of a fan of wearing than doing, why not check to see which stitches create your beaded necklace’s fun, intricate design the next time you’re wearing it?


Wearing jewelry created using woven beads is guaranteed to make your accessories stand out. Let your jewelry do the talking and honor the history and beauty of bead weaving. Showcase spectacular one of a kind designs, only achievable with bead weaving. Unlike other methods of jewelry making, bead weaving demands talented craftsmanship. Bead weavers take pride in their abilities and view each piece of jewelry as a piece of artwork. When you purchase a piece of jewelry created using bead weaving, you're showing appreciation for historical modes of creation and supporting independent, talented artists. Next time you see a piece of jewelry with bead weaving details, stop and admire the history, artistry, and legacy this incredible mode of creation is part of.


What Is Bead Weaving?

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