Basics: Making A Beaded Necklace

Whether you are looking for a fun craft to do with your kiddo or a way to turn a hobby into a profitable passion, making beaded necklaces is a fantastic creative outlet that anybody can do! However, there are some critical aspects to making a beautiful, beaded necklace that you need to understand before getting started!

What kind of beads do you want to use?

Many of you may be saying to yourself “there’s different kinds?” and the answer to that question is YES. There are numerous kinds of beads that you can use in your necklaces that range from size to shape to material (material being the most important to consider in terms of quality). Of course, the size of beads comes down to preference, as does the shape, but the material of the beads effects the durability, wear-time, and how to care for the necklace. Let’s briefly list the most popular materials that beads are made from.

  • Plastic
  • Pearls
  • Minerals
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Seed
  • Wood

Take a bit of time to look into each of these materials to understand their durability, how to care for them, and what type of pieces they would be best suited for. Sand beads tend to be on the more durable side and are easier to take care of in comparison to glass beads or pearls!


What kind of string should you use?

Equally as important to the quality of the necklace is the material you put the beads on. There are dozens of strings made from varying materials and again, the material of the necklace will affect its longevity! The most common materials include,

  • Plastic
  • Cotton (yarn)
  • Metal
  • Wool (yarn)
  • Recycled materials

Of course, a plastic necklace would be a little easier to maintain than a cotton necklace, but the cotton necklace would look much more elegant and be significantly more comfortable.


What molding material do you need?

A critical part of making a beaded necklace is understanding that it’s about much more than simply putting string through a hole in a bead. It takes patience, skill, tools, and a steady hand much of the time. You have to mold your materials much of the time and carefully integrate each bead to the necklace if you a quality apiece. Pending your skill level and type of necklace you want to create; you will likely need at least these few tools:

  • A bead board – This is for the purpose of keeping each necklace you’re working on organized and all the materials easily accessible to you.
  • Scissors – to cut your string if you’re using yarn/wool/plastic
  • Tweezers – For picking up the beads or shaping the string
  • Pliers – For shaping if you’re using metal
  • Yardstick/ruler – To measure your necklaces
  • Wire cutters if you’ll be using metal
  • A reamer - makes stringing much easier and quicker
  • Organizers – To keep all of your materials safe and easy to reach!


Making beaded necklaces is an exciting journey to embark on. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing something you vision come to life right before your eyes. Before you start this journey, just be sure you have a clear idea of wat you want your necklaces to look like. Of course, don’t be afraid to do some trial and error, and remember, creating is supposed to be fun!

Basics: Making A Beaded Necklace

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