Disc Accent Bone Bead Necklaces by Threaded Jewel

Disc Accent Bone Beaded Necklaces by Threaded Jewel

Bone beaded necklaces are the precise and utter form of beauty. The craft and skills it requires to formulate these pieces is a separate area of discussion. A bone bead ensemble is a unique and particular form of jewel which resonates the beauty and majesty of nature. Threaded Jewel is the place of beautiful art and crafts that are wearable, while maintaining strict policies on cruelty-free sourcing.  Beautifying yourselves with these ethically sourced, handcrafted necklaces by Threaded Jewel will be one of the finest decisions you have ever made.

What to expect from Threaded Jewel

Threaded Jewel works on the principle of ethics and beauty. The bone beaded collection of necklaces at Threaded Jewel are the epitome of beauty while only sourcing raw materials in an ethical, cruelty-free manner.  Handcrafted and skillfully transformed, each piece is easy to wear and handle, making it perfect for casual as well as formal gatherings. Pieces bought from Threaded Jewel will always complement your beauty and provide you with extra attention in a family and friends gathering. Quality and reliability are guaranteed with ethics and great customer care policies.

Bone beaded necklace collection at Threaded Jewel

At Threaded Jewel, there is a vast range of bone beaded necklaces to choose from. Here are some favorite handcrafted pieces from the bone beaded necklace collection:

Bone bead necklace with golden copper disc accent

When we craft something, we always think of enhancing personality by our wears. This bone beaded necklace from our collection is a perfect example of it. Reflecting the beauty of skillfully crafted bone into beads with copper disc accents is a perfect necklace for business and formal affairs. Showcasing the enigma of your personality through its bold and soft appearance. For more details about the piece, click here.

Blue Multi Bone Bead Necklace with Copper Disc Accents

Women possess an envious corner for jewels and elegant pieces. And this masterpiece is enough to make other women envy your look and personality present in the same room as you. Perfectly crafted with multi colors to be worn in any formal and casual gatherings. The long and flowing look is what makes it more attractive and is an excellent pick for an exotic look. Shop this piece before it runs out of the stock at  Threaded Jewel.

Natural bone with iron disc necklace

One of the masterpieces at Threaded Jewel.  A bold and captivating statement of iron discs and beads made of ethically sourced natural bone. This piece is handcrafted with genuine bones without animal cruelty. The necklace can flaunt you in any look, be it vintage or modern; it will be perfect to style with anything you wear. It simply makes everything look classic and bold and reflect the best aspects of your personality. For more details, visit our site Threaded Jewel.

Multi-color Bone Bead with Chain Necklace



Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And we made sure to reflect the beauty in everyone's eyes by this perfectly crafted bone bead necklace. The multi-color bone beads gives it a funky and unique touch.  Made from genuine naturally deceased Indian buffalo this piece is both ethical and fashionable.  When draped around your neck this necklace will enhance both your look and feel.  Get your hands on this piece by shopping at  Threaded Jewel.

Versatile Bone Bead Necklace with Golden Accents

When looking for something classy and unique,  Threaded Jewel is the place you have to visit. This master antique piece with golden accent beads is all that you need for yourself. This long piece provides the versatility to match almost any occasion. It can be easily wrapped and effortlessly adjusted any way you like. From color to touch, everything is perfect and unique.

Final thoughts

Threaded Jewel aims to provide its customers with the best of its quality products and skillful art to wear while being sure its pieces are ethically sourced.  The collection we've created is crafted by keeping this most important aspect in mind.

Disc Accent Bone Bead Necklaces by Threaded Jewel

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