Getting Quality For Less Money

Why Spending A Lot May Not Achieve The Unique Look You Are Looking For

The designer industry has sold you a lie. For decades, we've been led to believe that a higher price point equals a better-quality product. In reality, paying designer prices can often mean we're paying for a label, not a high-quality item.

Did you know that the factory your beloved design bag came to life in is the same factory fast-fashion retailers use to churn out low-quality garments made by poorly treated employees? Just because a brand is a designer, doesn't mean they're sustainable, eco-friendly, or paying their employees a fair wage. Yes, designer brands are just as damaging as fast fashion.

Not only is the ethos of these expensive brands tarnished, but many of these companies fail to deliver aesthetic value too. In a bid to stay relevant, designers have been speeding up their manufacturing and releasing an increasing number of ranges every year. Not only is this ethically compromising, but it means these designers aren't dedicating the same time and attention to crafting unique and ornate designs for their products.

In this blog post, we’re sharing why spending a lot of money doesn’t always mean you’ll achieve the stand-out style you’ve been aiming for. We’ll also be giving you some helpful advice on how to stay distinctive in an oversaturated market.

Shopping Small Saves You Money

It may come as a surprise, but shopping small can save you money. In recent years, small independent brands have gained a reputation for having a higher price tag. This assumption is unfounded and untrue. Shopping with small brands can actually save you money.

Compared to designer or high-end brands, independent brands have a significantly lower price point. Despite being more affordable, independent brands are usually able to source the best quality materials. Due to running on small manufacturing runs, fewer of these high-quality materials are needed, and therefore independent brands are able to source and utilize these in their products. Better quality materials mean a better product and one that’s going to last longer. When you purchase from an independent brand, you’re paying for the quality of design and the best possible product, meaning your item will last longer, you’ll have to buy less, and you’re not simply buying for the sake of someone else’s profit.

More Money Doesn’t Equal More Creativity

When you spend more money on expensive brands or products, you’re not paying for more creativity. Items with a higher price point generally have more eyes on them. Expensive items will have standards to meet and will be under scrutiny from business-minded folk. An expensive item's number one priority is to be sellable. Often when the focus is on profit, creativity falls behind. Rather than creating one of a kind piece of jewelry or accessories, expensive brands want to create something that will sell well and sell to a lot of people.

Small brands with lower price points prioritize creativity. These smaller brands let their love of art and craftsmanship guide them. Instead of creating carbon copies, small brands want their products and brand message to resonate with their consumers, which is why they strive for one of a kind pieces that make every customer feel special.

More Money Means More Consumers

If you’re buying an item from a national, or perhaps even global business, you’re purchasing an item created to be worn by millions. Big businesses and corporations have the capacity and desire to sell to millions of faceless consumers. To them, the beauty of the design doesn't matter as long as people are purchasing. Many of these brands have authority in the industry, which allows them to inflate the price, even when the product doesn’t match up.

Smaller brands have a smaller reach. Due to fewer people knowing about these brands, fewer people are going to end up purchasing and wearing the same piece of jewelry or accessory as you. Shopping small is the best way to style pieces people haven’t seen. These pieces are adorned by their creators and will resonate with few people. In addition to this, smaller brands usually price their products fairly and in line with the market value. By buying small, you’re investing in a unique piece with a low price point. It’s a win-win situation if you ask us!

Next time you see a piece of jewelry from a small independent brand, make sure to invest. There will only be a limited number of these pieces created, and clearly, this one is calling out to you. Shopping small is the number one way to achieve the unique look you're looking for.

Getting Quality For Less Money

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