Say Goodbye To Gold And Silver, Here’s Why Copper Is This Season's Must-Have Metal

Say Goodbye To Gold And Silver, Here’s Why Copper Is This Season's Must-Have Metal


Jewelry lovers are intensely loyal. Ask any jewelry wearer what their choice of metal is, and they'll tell you proudly, likely showcasing an array of shining silver rings or a collection of dainty gold necklaces. The debate between gold versus silver continues, and those on either side are dedicated to vigorously defending their color. A brave few branch out and mix their metals, stacking a gold band over a silver gemstone. It's up to you to decide if these ambitious few truly love each side equally, or if they haven't found which metal feels the most ‘them’ quite yet. Either way, the debate between the two is old, outdated, and pretty boring. Rather than cherry-picking between gold or silver, if you truly want to stand out, pick copper.


Copper will be the must-have color of the season, and copper jewelry is a trend you don't want to miss out on. In this post, we're sharing the reasons why you need to say goodbye to the silver versus gold debate and make copper earrings your statement piece for summer 2021.

Copper Is A Sustainable Material

When we invest in new jewelry, we have to consider the environmental impact our purchase is having. Buying a piece of mass-manufactured, poor-quality jewelry increases the chances this item will end up in landfill. Unlike other materials, copper has incredible sustainable benefits. For centuries, copper has been melted down and recycled. According to statistics from the Copper Alliance, 8.5 million tonnes of copper comes from recycling old scrap copper. Copper is one of the few materials the USA is completely self-reliant on. Instead of mining new copper, we're continuously reusing and refashioning old supplies. No new materials need to be created or taken from the earth, meaning copper contributes to a sustainable, circular economy.

Make Yourself Stand Out

While we're extremely passionate about the earth and investing in ethical and eco-friendly practices, we want our investments to make us feel good too. Sustainability and style need to go hand in hand to make a change, and copper successfully does this. Although copper jewelry is increasing in popularity, it's not as popular as gold or silver. Wearing copper jewelry means showcasing a style very few already have. A pair of copper earrings or a copper accented ring is going to stand out against a piece of fast fashion silver jewelry. If you're passionate about fashion and setting trends, copper is guaranteed to make your jewelry stand out and steal the show.

The Holistic Benefits Of Copper

Humans have been wearing copper for centuries, and during this time, we have noticed significant health benefits. The oxidation process copper goes through causes enzymes to absorb into the bloodstream. Humans naturally have a supply of copper in their bodies. Often we don't have enough of this essential mineral, causing a copper deficiency. The symptoms associated with copper deficiency include tiredness, fatigue, nausea, graying skin and joint problems. Wearing copper on the skin increases the levels of copper in the body and helps combat copper deficiency.


Individuals also believe copper attains symbolic meaning and wear it to encourage protection and balance in their daily lives.

Copper Gives A More Natural Finish


One of the biggest benefits of wearing copper is its aesthetic value. The beauty of this rustic-looking metal alone should be enough to make you give up your gold or silver jewelry and style a pair of ornate copper earrings this season instead. Copper jewelry has a more natural and authentic finish compared to its gold and silver counterparts. If you're a lover of nature and want to reflect the beauties of the natural world in what you wear, copper jewelry is your ideal choice. Copper has a rich and interesting ancestry, dating back to Egyptian times. Much of the copper jewelry we see today pays homage to this unique history. With unique traditional shapes and rustic textures, copper jewelry has character; it tells a story.


This season, say goodbye to the tiresome silver versus gold debate and style a metal unlike any other. Copper jewelry not only looks beautiful, but it's rich in character and a kinder alternative to our environment too. People don't want a throw-away ring or a poor quality necklace; they want high-quality, ethical materials that tell a story and have sentimental value. Copper does all this and more. We're certain copper is going to be this season's must-have metal. Make sure you invest in your one of a kind pair of copper earrings before everyone else and stand out amidst a sea of gold and silver!

Say Goodbye To Gold And Silver, Here’s Why Copper Is This Season's Must-Have Metal

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