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We are so excited to have you on our site and explore our collection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.  The artisan crafted jewelry that you see is truly unique and we hope that you find something that you truly love.  As a family owned business, based in the Tampa area, it is important that the work we do is meaningful and honest.  Our lineage is embedded in providing quality products to our customers at a fair price and adhering to all fair trade practices, without exception.  We have taken this a step further and WILL NOT work with organizations who do not adhere to these practices or harm ANY animals while procuring the materials for our jewelry. 

We thank you for the support you have given us thus far and hope to continue to expand our product line in the months to come with uniquely crafted artisan pieces.  We invite you to reach out to us at cs@threadedjewel.com with any questions or concerns!

We wish you a lifetime of health, happiness, and prosperity.


In our mission to create unusual and beautiful works of art to wear, we make a point to only obtain ethically sourced raw materials. We do not support or condone the slaughtering of animals in the name of beauty and believe that there are many ways to appreciate the natural world without intentional killing. India, the place we receive all of our materials, prohibits the slaughter of animals for fashion purposes.  We are proud that this was made in to law in 2017.

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